Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 8.25.23 AMThe Americanist Independent is a multi-media web-based  journal created and edited by M. Keith Harris. The journal features work from independent scholars focusing on various aspects of American History: original research, technological and methodological innovations, new approaches to teaching history, and the arts. This project is a new approach to the academic journal. Its mission is to emphasize the intersection between conventional scholarship and public history by utilizing the very best attributes of the blogosphere coupled with the power of social media. Each quarter, under the Scholarship section, you will find a new issue of The Americanist Independent journal. And be sure to visit all the site’s sections regularly, our contributors are keeping busy developing new material and we update the site throughout the week.

I encourage those who wish to to be on the cutting edge of historical publication to submit their original scholarly work and artistic endeavors to:


There is no deadline. Submissions are collected regularly for consideration for upcoming issues of the journal and other sections of this site.


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