Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 11.20.21 AMMy book, Across the Bloody Chasm, explores the intersection between national reconciliation and Civil War veterans’ efforts to commemorate their four-year fight.  It is currently available on Amazon and at LSU Press.

”Well written and accompanied by 84 pages of notes, a bibliography, and an index, the study . . . stands as a major contribution to a discourse still central to the polity of the US. Highly recommended.”  – Choice

“[An] uncommonly well written and concise book. . . . M. Keith Harris is to be commended for clarifying why the process of national reconciliation took much longer than we have previously recognized and the role that Civil War veterans played in it.” – Civil War Book Review

“Harris . . . makes extensive use of regimental histories as he believes they document the true views of the veterans. He also makes good use of the speeches and commemorative programs published during veterans’ gatherings over the decades after the war. . . . Harris’s treatment of the various issues and themes is a useful reminder of what our veterans, and our country, went through in the years after the Civil War as every American, but especially veterans, tried to digest the importance of the bloody conflict the country had endured and the role each of them had played in it.” – On Point

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I have the great pleasure of contributing an essay in this latest in the Campaign Series edited by Gary W. Gallagher and Caroline E. Janney. My piece focuses on Confederate morale in the Petersburg trenches immediately before the Battle of the Crater. You can pre-order at Amazon.


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